Libertarian, Gaylon Kent, Colorado CD3
- Our nation has always benefited from the immigrant's work ethic. Let's continue to do so by making it easier to live and work in this country, and let's make it possible for those currently here illegally to do what they came here for - earn a living - without having to bothe with citizenship.
July 26, 2016
Plain Talk w/ Gaylon Kent:
We are not going to make a difference on Election Day without your money.
We can decry money's influence all we want, but to expect to win on a thousand dollars is folly. 
July 25, 2016
Plain Talk w/ Gaylon Kent:
Mrs Clinton is a liar and Trump University was a boiler room operation bilking people out of money they didn't really have.

America, we can do better.

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- The government must stay out of the abortion debate. Prohibiting abortion will not eliminate it, it will merely create more criminals.
- I had 13 years of Lutheran schooling and I have the highest level of resepct the views that forbid abortion. However, just because something is legal does not make it mandatory. No one is obligated to have one. 
Friends, the time has come to look our country's biggest issue square in the eye:

America will collapse if we don't do something.

We cannot sustain constant warfare, endless mass shootings and mindless debt forever. Eventually - probably before this half-century is out, perhaps sooner - our country will self-destruct, tossed aside the scrap heap of history.

Our current leaders have shown for a while now they are not going to change a thing. If they were they would've done so already.

So it's up to us.

We must be demanding and participating citizens this November.. We must trust ourselves to make the changes our country needs. Because America's future depends on you and me - we the people - taking charge on Election Day. 

Our country needs our help. I'll lead the charge - let's go!
Death Penalty
- Over 700 convited murderers have been released from prison because it has been established they were innocent, including 152 from death row.
- It is not reasonable to believe this nation has not executed innocent people. It is time to end the death penalty.
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Plain Talk w/ Gaylon Kent
Gaylon On The Issues
Drug Legalization
- What we do in the privacy of our own home is our business, not the government's.
- Besides, all prohibiting drugs do is make criminals wealthy. By legalizing them, we will eliminate the violence associated with drugs.
Our Responsibilities As Citizens
- We cannot expect more out of our country until we start expecting more out of ourselves.
- Only an America with demanding and participating citizens will deliver the government we deserve.
- We will always get the government we elect, and the government we want and deserve is never farther away than the next election.
The Liberty Handbook is a thoughtful, entertaining, non-partisan look at how liberty is the solution to every problem this nation faces.

In a shameless attempt to drum up votes, the campaign is pleased to make the online edition available at no charge.

Go, do you and our country a favor, read
The LibertyHandbook now.
July 30, 2016
Plain Talk w/ Gaylon Kent:
The carnage is not stopping.
Friends, we are not going to have a peaceful world or country without an America that is not constantly at war. 
About Gaylon
Gaylon Kent is the 2016 Libertarian nominee for Congress from Colorado's 3rd  District.

The Liberty Handbook
By Gaylon Kent
July 26, 2016
Plain Talk w/ Gaylon Kent:
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Libertarian nominee for Congress from Colorado's 3rd Congressional District
We have a country to change. Let's go!
July 19, 2016
Plain Talk w/ Gaylon Kent:
Our Country Needs Our Help. Let's Go!

Abraham Lincoln said the only way this country will lose it's freedoms is if it happens from the inside.

That is what is happening now. It's up to you and me - we the people - to stop it. 

here to donate online.

Greetings Citizens!

I am no happier with our government than you are.

So let's go change it. The only thing standing in our way is us.

I believe with the help of demanding and participating voters like you we can win in November.

And you know what? If we believe, others will believe, too. Your contribution will help make this happen.

Friends, we can decry the influence of money in politics all we want, however the fact remains we will not win without a substantial amount of money. So let's make our voices heard.
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Gay Marriage
- For a nation conceived in liberty, can we do anything else but allow gay marriage? No, we can't. When we deny liberty to one segment of our society, we are making them, and us, second-class citizens. Either all of us are free, or none of us are free.
Health Care
- We allow the free market to provide food, clothing and shelter, we should allow it to provide our medical care, too.
- Doctors and health insurers are entitled to the same access to a free market other businesses have. With a free market - and without government regulation -  the quality of care will rise and costs will come down.
Foregin Policy
- We will not have a peaceful world until we have a peaceful America. There is no substitute.
- America must give other nations the dignity of conducting their affairs without US interference. When we do, people will stop flying airplanes into our buildings.
Gaylon was the 2014 Libertarian nominee for the United State Senate, getting 52,864 votes, the most ever by a third party candidate in a Colorado US Senate election.

Gaylon enjoys weightlifting and reading and though mostly retired now, was an accomplished high school sports official.  An old diesel submarine sailor, Gaylon still serves in the American Legion and is commander of Post 44 in Steamboat Springs as well as District 14.

He and his wife Marian live in Hayden, about 20 miles west of Steamboat Springs. A writer, Gaylon also supervises the front desk at a timeshare in Steamboat Springs and Marian works at Walmart.

He is originally from Los Angeles.
Low Taxes and Free Markets
- Our economy is still in the tank and it will remain in the tank until it is anchored in low taxes and free markets.
- It is time for a flat tax of ten percent on our nation's citizens and businesses and a tax return we can fill out on a single sheet of paper.
Gun Control
- A constitutional right is a constitutional right. We would not allow the government to tell us when we could worship.
- If we would not allow limits on our First Amendment rights, why are we allowing them on our Second Amendment rights?
Friends, here are four things I want for our country. I hope you want them, too.

1. An America at peace inside and outside her borders.
America has been at war continuously since 1989. The consequences are a violent world and a violent America. The time has come to see the world and country produced by an America at peace.

2. An America with an economy anchored in low taxes and free markets.

America will only have a flourishing economy when it is anchored in low taxes and free markets. I support a flat tax of no more than 10 percent on citizens and businesses. This will give you and me more money to spend and businesses more money to meet consumers growing demands.

3. An America that does not convict the innocent. 
Every week people are released from American prisons after serving ten, 20, 30 sometimes 40 years for crimes they did not commit. This has no place in a nation conceived in liberty. It's possible to be tough on crime without sending the innocent to jail.

4. An empowered American electorate.
Every obstacle and challenge faced by our country can be solved by conerned and conscientius citizens like you and me. I believe, and I hope you do, too, that the government we deserve is never farther away than the next election.

The time has come for us - you and me, we the people - to hold our leaders accountable for what they've done to our country. If we don't our country will collapse. It's that simple. It's up to you and me - we the people - to take our country back this November. Nobody, certainly not the Democrats or the Republicans, is going to do it for us.
Relive The Magic!
Gaylon was the Libertarian nominee for the United States Senate in 2014. We received 52,864 votes, more than any other third party candidate ever in a Colorado US Senate election

Visit Gaylon's 2014 US Senate campagin site
August 3, 2016
Plain Talk w/ Gaylon Kent:
Friends, how much war are we going to tolerate?
The only divident war provides is more war.
We deserve better.